Atlas Copco Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generators

Do you need a reliable supply of high-purity nitrogen gas for your business or industry? A pressure swing adsorption (PSA) generator could be the solution you’re looking for. These nitrogen generation systems are valuable tools. They operate on-site to provide you with a continuous stream of purified nitrogen gas, improving the efficiency and safety of your workplace.

Fluid Aire Dynamics offers customers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, southern New York, New Jersey and northern Virginia a wide selection of the best gas adsorption equipment on the market. Our inventory includes NGP+ Series Nitrogen Generators from Atlas Copco, a leading name in the air systems industry. Check out the specs for these high-quality generators and discover how they could meet your needs.

NGP+ Premium N2 Generator With PSA

Atlas Copco NGP+ Series Nitrogen Generators provide a continuous supply of nitrogen gas at the highest energy efficiency for your use. These premium generators use carbon molecular sieves (CMS) to guarantee a stream of highly purified nitrogen. Generating N2 gas on-site saves you time and money compared to buying your bottle or liquid supply.

Atlas Copco Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generators - NGP Series

The NGP+ Series is part of Atlas Copco’s generation of high-quality N2 generators. Their engineers use pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to guarantee a reliable supply of premium nitrogen gas when you need it. The NGP+ offers the completest scope of supply and the highest energy efficiency of all our PSA nitrogen generators.

PSA Nitrogen Generator Advantages

Atlas Copco premium nitrogen generators offer your business a wide range of benefits that will give you an advantage in your industry:

  • High flow capacity: The NGP+ Series includes a wide range of products and gas flows which makes them useful for various demanding applications and industries.
  • Ready to use: We deliver these plug-and-play vessels fully prepared for immediate use. All you need is a supply of compressed air, and these nitrogen generators are ready to get the job done. The SMARTLINK integration is easy to install and provides a simple and effective way to increase reliability and minimize downtime.
  • Exceptional reliability: With the NGP+ Series, you get peace of mind along with a constant N2 supply. These generators are built to last with a robust design and the highest quality CMS available. Fluid Aire Dynamics is available for preventive maintenance and routine repairs at any time. You won’t have to stress about a potential production slowdown or halt due to a shortage of nitrogen gas.
  • Desired purity: Many industries require large flow rates or maintain high-level purity standards. NGP+ Series generation systems can provide nitrogen at 95 to 99.9% purity levels to meet your unique needs. These generators are easy to adjust, so you can regulate the pressure and purity of the gas you want to generate.
  • Cost savings: On-site nitrogen production is an easy and effective way to save money and improve your energy optimization. When you use an NGP+ Series generator, you’ll see reduced running costs of up to 50% compared to other nitrogen generation systems on the market. Low operating expenses and limited maintenance costs help protect your budget.
  • Self-protective monitoring: Atlas Copco NGP+ generators come equipped with self-monitoring technology. These vessels will keep track of feed air conditions, temperature, pressure and nitrogen purity to ensure you’re getting the supply you need. The automatic off-spec check feature identifies and flushes low-quality nitrogen before it can reach your sensitive application.
  • Premium energy efficiency: Get the most out of your nitrogen gas generator with the NGP+ Series from Atlas Copco. The standby mode and cycle time modulation algorithm guarantee supreme energy efficiency across industries.

Applications and Industries

NGP+ Series Generators from Atlas Copco are versatile tools. These generation systems are equipped to serve a variety of industrial and commercial purposes, including:

Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

Take a look at the NGP+ Series brochure from Atlas Copco to learn more about their industry-leading nitrogen and oxygen generators.

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For additional details about these pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generators, you can visit the Atlas Copco website.

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When you need an on-site nitrogen generator with PSA technology, you need the NGP+ Series from Atlas Copco. These high-quality generators suit a wide range of applications with their reliability and premium performance.

For over 30 years, Fluid Aire Dynamics has provided our clients with the best air system products and services in the industry, including nitrogen and oxygen generators from Atlas Copco. Our knowledge and experience allow us to help you through every step of the sales, installation and maintenance process. You can contact us online or call our team at 610-913-9100 to learn more about the on-site nitrogen systems we offer.

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    NGP Series Technical Specifications

    TypeDimensions (W x D x H) - mmDimensions (W x D x H) - inWeight - kgWeight - lbs
    NGP 10798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 244538
    NGP 12798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 257567
    NGP 15798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 270595
    NGP 20798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 306675
    NGP 25798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 339747
    NGP 30798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 360794
    NGP 35798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 5991321
    NGP 40798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 6271382
    NGP 50798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 6631462
    NGP 60798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 7161579
    NGP 70798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 8051775
    NGP 85798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 10182244
    NGP 100798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 11912626
    NGP 115798 x 840 x 202231.4 x 33.1 x 79.6 11912626
    NGP 4201240 x 2520 x 316048.8 x 99.2 x 124.442009259
    NGP 5501420 x 2880 x 333055.9 x 113.4 x 131.1490010803
    NGP 9002480 x 2520 x 316097.6 x 99.2 x 124.4840018519
    NGP 11002840 x 2880 x 3330111.8 x 113.4 x 131.1980021605


    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

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