In-Stock Air Compressors & Industrial Air Dryers

Air compressors are versatile machines that can serve purposes ranging from filling tires to powering air tools. Because they’re integral to so many applications across various industries, businesses need to know they have a reliable unit on hand to keep operations moving. An air compressor failing can translate to a tremendous loss of productivity and income, so a company that uses one of these systems every day needs a supplier it can rely on to deliver a new model as quickly as possible.

At The Titus Company, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of reliable air compressors and air dryers. If your standard equipment fails and you need a fast solution, our in-stock industrial air compressors will help your business get back up and running quickly, allowing you to keep your production moving. We also keep numerous air dryer models in stock to remove the water vapor generated by your air compressor system and maintain high levels of air quality.

Shop our selection today or browse our website to learn more about the air compressors and air dryers we can provide for your business.

Industrial Air Compressors in Stock

Our selection of in-stock air compressors includes:

BrandModelHorsepowerPressureVoltageEnclosureFocus 2.0Quantity
BogeC7LN7.5125TRINONO2 In Transit
BogeC10LN10150TRINOYES1 In Stock
1 in Transit
BogeC20LN20150TRINOYES1 In Transit
BogeC9N10125TRIYESYES1 in Stock
1 in Transit
BogeC15-2N20125TRIYESYES1 in Transit
BogeC18-2N25125TRIYESYES1 in Transit
BogeC22-2N30150TRINOYES1 in Transit


Industrial Air Dryer Availability

Our air dryers in stock currently include:

Dryer TypeModelMWPSCFMPressureVoltageEnclosureQty
Desiccant TMAD04015036150115/1YES0
Desiccant TMAD04515044125115/1YES1
Desiccant TMAD05515053150115/1YES2
Desiccant TMAD07015067150115/1YES3
Desiccant TMAD09015089125115/1YES2
Desiccant TMAD110150107125115/1YES4
Desiccant TMAD160150160125115/1YES2


All inventory is subject to change on a daily basis. Please contact The Titus Company to check availability.


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At The Titus Company, we supply air dryers and air compressors for many different industries, including woodworking, electronic manufacturing, metal manufacturing and shipbuilding. One of the many benefits of buying from us is that we’ll ship anything in our in-stock inventory from Morgantown, Pennsylvania, within one business day to help keep your business running smoothly. To learn more about our quick-ship compressed air equipment, or to check the availability of our products, fill out our contact form today.

In addition to our in-stock inventory, we also offer equipment rentals for our air compressors. Our rental option is an excellent solution for short-term use or in the case of an equipment emergency, ensuring you can maintain productivity while performing repairs or shopping for a new unit. Browse our entire compressed air equipment catalog to find a suitable air compressor for your business.