CDR Pompe Plastic Lined Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are essential to many operations in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical-based industries. Since many of these industries work with hazardous, corrosive and reactive materials, it’s vital you ensure your pump is able to withstand exposure to and process them without incurring damage.

These magnetic drive pumps by CDR Pompe have plastic or fluorine-plastic linings to improve their chemical compatibility. They also utilize a simple base design with few parts to ensure the easiest maintenance load. Since the impeller and the shaft never touch one another, it’s impossible for fluids to leak, making any of these models ideal for facilities working with materials that cannot be released into the atmosphere.

With two series to choose from and various model configurations, your business can easily find a suitable solution to fit your processes’ specific needs. Learn more about the ETN EVO Series and UTN-L/UTN-BL Series below, then contact Fluid Aire Dynamics to help you decide on the best plastic-lined pumps for you.

ETN EVO Series

ETN-EVO Series Pump

This horizontal centrifugal pump can be lined with both PP plastic (polypropylene) and fluorine-based ETFT plastic (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) for maximum security. The impeller is closed and the pump uses a close-coupled design.

Other notable specifications for this pump include:

  • Sub-EN 22858 – ISO 2858 compliance
  • UNI 1092-2 (ISO 7005-2) PN16RF drilling slotted ANSI 150 RF flanges

The ETN EVO Series is recommended for lighter-duty operations than the UTN. Fluid Aire Dynamics offers these models in a standard execution style or with an attachable motor.

The Mag Drive Concept

One of the most important aspects of this pump series is the magnetic drive design. The motor shaft and impeller are kept separated by an isolation shell containing inner and outer ring magnets. These magnets are attracted to each other when the pump is on, allowing the motor to rotate the impeller without contacting it directly and eliminating the chance of fluid leakage.

These pumps are created with durability in mind. You can even choose whether your operations will work better with a plastic-lined or fluorine plastic-lined device based on the substances you typically process.

Special Features

Every aspect of the ETN EVO Series pumps is engineered for exceptional performance. Consider the following design elements:


ETN EVO casing

The protective layer on these plastic lined process pumps uses rugged cast iron to protect the pump from vibration, shocks and strain during handling and use. It also adds vacuum resistance.

Isolation Shell

ETN EVO isolation shell

The isolation shell is completely non-metallic, using only your plastic of choice to prevent corrosion of the product. It has spacious flushing canals to support the shaft and external polycarbonate reinforcement on the wet side. The non-metallic design eliminates eddy current losses.


ETN EVO impeller assembly

The impeller in this pump has a unique assembly to accommodate the inner magnet, preventing misalignment from causing production delays. The back vanes are standard, as they lessen axial thrust and pressure on the seal chamber to provide a longer life span for your bearings and seal.

Suction Cover and Shaft

ETN EVO shaft and suction cover

The covers on these areas of your pump allow for better lubrication and faster heat displacement due to their multipath allowance. Aside from the central path, secondary paths provide better airflow. As the functioning pump can sometimes produce too much heat for the media it’s processing, these dissipation elements can be essential in keeping the pump from overheating and affecting the liquid traveling through it.

3D View

This three-dimensional view of the ETN EVO Series illustrates how some of these pieces work together. Note the following:

  • Magnets: The outer and inner magnets are coated with neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) or samarium cobalt (SmCo) for extreme-temperature uses. Another cage magnet holds the pump in place during operation, ensuring stability.
  • ETV EVO: The name of this series refers to the circulation path inside the pump, which works to cool and lubricate all necessary parts while in use. The centerline discharge also helps with this by making the pump self-venting.
  • Wetted parts: Any part that may touch the media running through the pump has at least 3 millimeters of plastic or fluorine plastic protection.
  • Isolation shell: All pumps get a double-layer non-metallic shell designed with transfer molding.
  • Sealless design: Features like vacuum-resistant holding ensure the pump is entirely self-contained for processing valuable or toxic materials.


CDR Pompe pumps can suit the needs of almost any industry requiring fluid transportation. Because chemical manufacturers often have the most stringent guidelines, these pumps are designed with their needs in mind. They’re often used in these industries:

  • Chemical manufacturing, including fine chemical processing
  • Wastewater and air treatment plants
  • Tank loading operations
  • Clean-in-Place (CIP) executions

UTN-L/UTN-BL I° Frame Series

UTN Series pump

This series features more robust magnetic drive plastic lined process pumps that are ideal for H24 applications. As with the ETN EVO Series, you have choices between plastic-lined and fluorine plastic-lined pumps. Choose from these lining materials:

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVDF)
  • Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA)

This series also features a sealless magnetic drive shaft and radially split volute casing. Compliance details include:

  • EN 22858; ISO 2858
  • ISO 5199

UTN-L Series

CDR Pompe UTN-L Series Centrifugal Pump

This long-coupled model allows for back pull-out for ease of service. It has a sturdy bearing housing and pliant coupling to complete operations smoothly.

UTN-BL Series

CDR Pompe UTN-BL Series Centrifugal Pump

The close-coupled UTN-BL Series employs standard motors.

Design and Versatility

Like the ETN EVO Series, these pumps also run on the magnetic drive principle. They use a hydraulic design similar to that of a mechanical seal pump, complete with oil-lubricated brackets to ensure stability, efficiency and longevity. This design makes the UTN series ideally suited for processing the corrosive, hazardous liquids common to various chemical-focused industries.


Many of the components in this series include virgin plastic casings and heat-dispersing designs to ensure the pump works at its best for as long as possible. These advanced parts and features comprise:


utn casing

The pump is encased with ductile cast iron to keep strain and shock from damaging the interior parts. This case leaves open a centerline discharge area on top of the pump to allow for self-venting. We also have a drained casing available.

Isolation Shell

utn isolation shell

This isolation shell is metal-free and constructed with virgin, unfilled plastic and carbon fiber. This non-metallic construction prevents eddy current losses. Depending on the plastic lining you choose, the shell may have over 4 millimeters of insulation.


utn impeller

These impellers feature a closed design, encasing a durable core of metal with plastic for efficiency and reliability. The classic design lessens axial thrust and prevents misalignment delays, saving you time and money while extending pump’s service life.


utn shaft

Just as with the plastic parts of the pump, you have options when it comes to your shaft’s material — ceramic, SiC or RunSafeSiC. These small-diameter shafts provide ample impeller support due to the lack of bending forces. The construction of the shaft and its impeller naturally limit how fast the bearings move, reducing heat production and premature wear in the area.

Bushings and Axial Thrust

utn rotating bushings

The moving parts in your pump are made from ceramic or silicon carbide for superior ruggedness during intense operations.

Suction Cover

utn suction cover

The suction cover includes a lining to protect its metal core so it can continue functioning optimally even with heavy use.

Protective Coatings

utn runsafesic

Every UTN-L/UTN-BL Series pump carries four layers of coated protection — three layers of high-performance paint and one layer of RunSafeSiC Microcrystalline Diamond Coating.

The paint layers cover the metal areas of the pump. Though many of these components never touch the liquids passing through them, they still undergo painting with the following for protection against corrosion:

  • Epoxy zinc paint
  • Epoxy amidic modified vinyl
  • Epoxy enamel paint or aliphatic acrylic polyurethane

Another option is using EN ISO 12944-5 C5M and C5I paint grades, which we can provide on request.

The diamond coating layer yields even more protection against wear while saving on energy costs. This coating imparts pieces with resistance to almost all chemicals, friction and heat, even in less than ideal situations such as dry or improperly lubricated operations.

3D View

UTN diagram image

This three-dimensional image aims to give you an idea of how all these parts work together to transport fluid, including the following key elements:

  • Magnets: Both the outer and inner magnets have a special chemical coating to help them resist extreme temperatures. Another magnet helps maintain pump stability throughout operation.
  • Modular configuration: The simple build of these pumps makes it easy for you to repair or replace damaged parts with minimal losses to production time.
  • Plastic components: Any plastic parts are created using transfer molding. Since many of the plastic pieces are wetted parts, they measure at least 4-5 millimeters thick to withstand wear.
  • Total containment design: Any areas where liquids pass through are sealless, and the plastic lining is vacuum-resistant to provide the most security when dealing with potentially dangerous liquids. When safety is the top priority, a plastic lined mag drive pump from CDR Pompe is ready to perform.


Many of the pumps in this series find their use in chemical processing plants, working in industries that manufacture or process:

  • Chemicals, including fine and petrochemicals
  • Fertilizer and pesticides
  • Water and wastewater
  • Detergent
  • Fiber
  • Pharmaceuticals

As long as the liquids you’re using are of low viscosity and not excessively contaminated, the UTN-L/UTN-BL could be a solution for your facility. If you need to move corrosive, abrasive or valuable fluids with no risk of leakage, talk to Fluid Aire Dynamics about ordering one of these pumps today.

Find Fluoroplastic Lined Magnetic Pumps at Fluid Aire Dynamics

Fluid Aire Dynamics is dedicated to providing you with pump installation, preventative maintenance, emergency repair and replacement services whenever you need them. Many of our pump offerings have simple maintenance needs you can handle on your own, but if you ever need further assistance, our emergency repair services will be right there to get your operations back on track.

Our services cover Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Virginia. If you’re interested in exploring more of our pump options or any of our other equipment, contact us today. Our experts will take you through everything you want to know so you can build a better, more efficient business.

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    ETN EVO Series Technical Specifications

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    ETN EVO Series Dimensions

    ETN EVO sectional drawing
    ETN EVO overall dimensions

    Manufacturer Link

    UTN Series Technical Specifications

    Performances 2900 rpmQ max = 75 m3/h - H max = 65 mcl
    Electric Motors
    • UTN-BL: 1.1 kW (motor size 80) -> 18.5 kW (motor size 160)
    • UTN-L: 0.75 kW (motor size 80) -> 37 kW (motorsize 200)
    Temperature range• PP: - 10 °C -> +70 °C
    • PVDF: - 30 °C -> +100 °C
    • PFA: - 50 °C -> +140 °C
    Allowable Pressure Range• PP: from 16 bar (20 °C) to 12 bar (70 °C)
    • PVDF: from 16 bar (20 °C) to 8 bar (100 °C)
    • PFA: from 16 bar (20 °C) to 8 bar (140 °C)
    Flange ConnectionsUNI 1092-2 / ISO 7005-2 PN 16RF, type B
    slotted to ASME /ANSI class 150
    Viscositymin : 1 cSt min - max : 100 cSt
    Allowable Solids • Max concentration 3 % by weigth
    • Max particle size 0,25 mm

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    UTN Series Dimensions

    UTN sectional drawing
    UTN overall dimensions

    Manufacturer Link