CDR Pompe Plastic Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps

A plastic magnetic drive pump is a low-duty pump suitable to move acids and bases, hydroxide, brine, seawater and different kinds of salt in various concentrations and temperatures. The main applications for plastic mag drive pumps are the basic chemical processes, the galvanic industry, the cleaning circuits and the water treatment.

Inside a magnetic drive pump, the shaft doesn’t drag directly the impeller, but the impeller is dragged by two permanent magnets (one internal and the other one external) which never come in contact with one another and move thanks to magnetic interaction. In between the two magnets, the space left is occupied by the isolation shell to avoid leakage.

STN Series – Plastic Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps

stn pump

  • Compact, Plastic and Fluoroplastic Magnetic drive Horizontal Centrifugal pumps
  • Casing and Impeller Materials:
    • PP-GF (Polypropylene-Glass filled)
    • CFR-ETFE (Carbon Fiber-filled – Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)
  • Close-coupled execution
  • Shaft Seal Type: Magnetic Drive
  • Impeller Type: closed
  • Flanges: threaded execution as a standard (flanged execution optional)
  • Maximum Rated Pressure at 20°C: PN 6

STN – Standard Execution with Motor

CDR Pompe STN Series Centrifugal Pump with Motor

End suction pumps use the back pull-out principle and a strong bearing housing with flexible coupling

STN – Standard Execution without Motor

CDR Pompe STN Series Centrifugal Pump without Motor Pump

Close-coupled pumps are furnished with standard motors.

Magnetic Drive Concept

The synchronous drive configuration is based on an outer magnet ring assembly built to magnetically coupled with an inner magnet ring assembly. 

These two magnet rings are locked together by the flux of attracting magnet poles flowing through the containment isolation shell.


  •  The STN offers a wide range of materials for the wetted parts:
    • PP-GF (Polypropylene-Glass filled)
    • ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)
    • CFR-ETFE (Carbon filled – Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) – *only the casing        


Suitable for handling corrosive, aggressive and hazardous liquids (low viscosity, clean or slightly contaminated) in chemical applications.

AISI 316:

On bare shaft execution, the pump is also equipped as a standard with a reliable oil-lubricated bearing bracket, especially developed to be suitable even under heavy-duty service.


Made with a reliable quality as the ETN but designed for smaller applications or where the working conditions are less critical.



stn casing

  • Available in CFR-ETFE and PP-GF execution
  • Standard casing drain for complete and fast draining of the casing
Isolation Shell:

stn isolation shell

  • ETFE Non-metallic double Isolation Shell configuration on wet side, externally reinforced by a Polycarbonate can
  • As an alternative, it is available made by a solid 3 mm PP-GF layer
  • Zero Eddy Current Losses thanks to non-metallic execution
Impeller Assembly:

stn impeller

  • The integral design of the impeller and inner magnet prevents any misalignment problem, also reducing the production cost
  • Standard back vanes reduce axial thrust and seal chamber pressures to guarantee an extraordinary bearing and seal life.

stn shaft

  • Axial and radial loads are well-distributed thanks to the highly reliable rotating parts design. The static shaft (SiC or Ceramic) is supported in the can and by the lining suction cover.

3D View:

stn diagram

  • Inner and Outer magnets are equipped with rare earth permanent magnets. Patented cage magnet attachment guarantees stability during the operation of the pump.
  • The STN Series are available in close-coupled execution, suitable to be coupled with standard electrical motors.
  • High chemical resistance employing a performing material as CFR-ETFE.
    • Alternative available materials for the Wetted parts: PP.
  • The casing’s design is reinforced by a solid rib structure.
  • Sealless design: Total containment, essential for hazardous, aggressive or valuable products.


  • Basic Chemical – Low Duty Service
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Air Treatment
  • C.I.P.
  • Galvanic Industry

STN Series Technical Specifications

Performances 2900 rpmQ max = 28 m3/h -> H max = 25 mcl
Electric Motors
0.75 kW (motor size 80) -> 4 kW (motor size 112)
Temperature range • PP-GF : 0°C -> +60°C
• CFR-ETFE : -15°C -> +80°C
Allowable Pressure Range
• PP : from 6 bar (20°C) to 4 bar (60°C)
• CFR-ETFE : from 6 bar (20°C) to 4 bar (80°C)
Threaded Connections
• STN 30 (G2” X G1”)
• STN 40 (G2”¾ X G1”½)
* as option : Flanges ISO 1092 PN16RF or ANSI 150 RF
Viscosity 1cSt min - 100 cSt max
Allowable Solids Max concentration 2 % by weight / Max particle size 0,10 mm

STN 30/40 motor size 80/90

DNa DNm da dm a (mm) L (mm)
Motor Frame
STN 304020G 2''G 1''6037080 / 90 B5
STN 405032G 2 3/4''G 1 1/2''6737780 / 90 B5

STN 30/40 motor size 100/112

DNa DNm dadma (mm)

b (mm)h1 (mm)
L (mm)f1 (mm)m (mm)n (mm)Motor Frame
STN 30
4020 G 2''G 1''6063100438173180200100 B3 / B14
STN 30
4020 G 2''G 1''6070112443173190240112 B3 / B14
STN 40
5032G 2 -3/4''G 1-1/2''6763100443173180200100 B3 / B14
STN 40
5032G 2 -3/4''G 1-1/2''6770112450173190240112 B3 / B14

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STN Series Dimensions

STN sectional drawing
STN Series overall dimensions

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