How to Tell When Your Dew Point Monitor in a Dryer Has Failed

Fluid Aire Dynamics employees servicing air compressor equipment

One of the most important gauges on your air dryer is the air dryer dew point monitor. Failure of this monitor can have huge consequences for your dryer, and it’s crucial to know what it means and what to do if a dew point monitor fails.

First, it’s important to understand what the dew point is and what the dew point monitor does. When an air compressor system is running, it can create liquid condensation within the piping system. This condensation, when light, should not significantly interfere with the machine’s operation, but too much of it can compromise the system. The dew point is the temperature where water vapor will condense into a liquid. When this point is reached, you have a condensation problem.

The dew point temperature of compressed air is typically between -94 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The dew point monitor can tell you what the dew point is and how close your machinery is to bringing your air to the appropriate dew point for your application. If your monitor has failed, it may be telling you that the condensation in the air is at a safe level even if excessive liquid loading is imminent.

For this reason, it’s essential that your dew point monitor is functioning properly at all times. Unfortunately, dew point monitors do fail, and it’s important to know the warning signs and what to do if that happens.

What to Do If a Dew Point Monitor Fails on an Air Dryer

It’s highly critical for your dew point monitor to work accurately so that you can take action if your compressed air should reach an out-of-tolerance dew point. To make sure it’s working correctly, you should schedule dew point monitor calibration at least annually or as often as the manufacturer’s instructions recommend. Fluid Aire Dynamics technicians can arrange to check or calibrate your dewpoint monitor as needed.

Between calibrations, you should train your employees to be alert to potential dew point monitor failure. Some signs that your dew point monitor may need repair or adjustment include it always showing a single value — especially if it’s the lowest possible value — rapid changes in the dew point reading, random variations in the reading and dew point readings that are frequently inconsistent with your observations of the environment.

Should you notice any of these warning signs, you should contact Fluid Aire Dynamics right away to get started on repairs. If you’re operating your air compressor equipment with a failed dew point monitor, the over-saturated air could damage your equipment as well as whatever applications you’re using compressed air for. We can send an industrial air dryer expert to your business right away to check your dew point monitor for problems and repair or replace it if necessary.

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