Fluid Aire Dynamics Grows & Thrives in Down Economy

While other companies continue to struggle amidst the economic recovery, Fluid Aire Dynamics is adding personnel, new equipment lines and value-added services.  An example of Fluid Aire Dynamics’s engineering capabilities is the rebuilding of an otherwise derelict dryer.    What others might have seen as scrap, TTC saw as an opportunity.  Through extensive re-engineering and re-design, TTC was able to turn an otherwise obsolete piece of equipment into a new and more technologically sophisticated dryer.  For the whole story please click here to view the article published in Compressed Air Best Practices magazine.

Fluid Aire Dynamics Headquarters in Morgantown, PA

On April 1st Fluid Aire Dynamics made a move to dramatically increase its customer service capabilities with the addition of Sage’s Accpac ERP software in conjunction with Technisoft’s Service Manager module. Accpac will provide better information to assure that we have what you need when you need it, while Service Manager will not only allow us to provide better and timelier on-site customer support through its manpower planning and scheduling capabilities, but it will also allow us to implement a web portal for our customers to login and view the service history of their equipment. You can expect to see this powerful feature added in the near future.