If you work with air compressors in your industry, you must be familiar with the term SCFM, or standard cubic feet per minute. This is a critical measurement when it comes to air compressors.

What does SCFM mean? If you’re new to the world of air compressors or are taking a greater role in your company’s air compressor management, here is what you need to know about SCFM and why it is important for air compressors.

What Is SCFM?

Standard cubic feet per minute measures the flow rate of gas under standard pressure and temperature conditions. The accepted standards of temperature and pressure are 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 36 percent humidity at sea level.

Pressure varies inversely with SCFM, so if your PSI is 120, your SCFM will be higher than if your PSI is 80.

The alternative measurement to SCFM is ACFM, or actual cubic feet per minute. This is the pure flow rate of gas independent of standard pressure or temperature conditions.

Why Is SCFM Important for Air Compressors?

Understanding the rate of free air flow with respect to your compressor is vitally important when you are purchasing or deciding where to install air compressors. The SCFM is probably your most useful measure for this information.

Knowledge of your air compressor’s SCFM will tell you if you have the right air compressor for the size of the job your air compressor has to do. An air compressor that does not push enough air will mean your applications will not work optimally, while one that pushes more air than you need will waste your company’s money and energy.

By calculating how much pressure you need for your application, you can verify you are working with the right air compressor by finding out its SCFM. An air compressor with 10 horsepower or more should generate around 3 or 4 cubic feet of air per minute at 90 PSI.

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