Atlas Copco Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors

ZR and ZT (VSD) Oil-Free Rotary Screw & Rotary Tooth Air Compressors

Put Atlas Copco’s 60 years of innovation and experience in oil-less air technology to work for you. The water-cooled ZR and the air-cooled ZT produce certified oil-free air that protects your critical products and processes in any conditions. With 3.5 to 13 bar pressure levels, Atlas Copco can help maximize your energy savings with a compact, all-in-one quality air solution.

Full Feature Compressors

Get your ZR and ZT tooth and rotary screw oil-free air compressors as a Full Feature package, including:

  • Variable speed drive (VSD) to reduce energy costs
  • Integrated dryer to save installation space

What to Expect With an Atlas Copco Oil-Free Compressor

  • Certified oil-free air: Work with zero risk of contamination, losses due to downtime and unsafe products with Class 0 range of compressors.
  • Meets top quality standards: Atlas Copco’s oil-free production facility in Antwerp, Belgium has ISO 22000 certification. Food safety management system applies to all Z type class 0 oil-free air compressors as well as related filters and dryers.
  • Designed for high efficiency: Get up to 35% energy savings. Save even more energy with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and the energy recovery feature and energy-free MD dryers.
  • Superior reliability: Long lifetime, backed by Atlas Copco’s 60 years of experience. Designed and patented components, AGMA A5/DIN 5 gears, stainless steel coolers and latest Inverter drive systems. Every unit tested to ensure quality control. Large installed base.
  • Fast & easy installation: Plug-and-play packages with VSD, integrated dryers and energy recovery. Easy, low-cost set-up for a guaranteed quick start.
  • Global presence, local service: Optimum reliability and availability of your compressed air equipment at low operating costs. Aftermarket product portfolio adapted to your needs.

Industrial Applications for Atlas Copco Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors

The Atlas Copco ZR and ZT oil-free rotary screw and tooth air compressors are ideal for any industry that needs fresh, compressed air. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Electronics: Electronic manufacturing is a highly sensitive industry that may use compressed air in the construction of semiconductors and other electronic products that may be sensitive to contamination.
  • Food and beverage: Avoiding contamination is critical when working with products that consumers will eat or drink. You need to deliver safe, clean products for consumption. Your Atlas Copco air compressor can deliver pure, oil-free air for applications like filling and capping, fermentation, aeration and cleaning.
  • Oil & gas: Oil-free air compressors are frequently used for buffer air and control and instrument air.
  • Pharmaceutical: Even a slight amount of contamination could render a pharmaceutical product ineffective or harmful. Air compressors are critical to reduce moisture, which can prevent powdered material from adhering.
  • Power plants: Power plants typically need to be in continuous operation, so you need a continuous, strong supply of compressed air. Use your oil-free rotary screw compressor as oxidation air, for fluidized beds and for flue gas desulphurization.
  • Textiles: Many textiles are delicate and could be ruined by contaminants. Use your Atlas Capco oil-free air compressor for weaving, dyeing, texturizing, spinning and related textile applications.

Why Choose The Titus Company for Your Air Compressor Products?

When choosing an oil-free air compressor, turn to The Titus Company. We have over 30 years of experience providing quality air compressors and related products across a wide range of industries.

When you buy an air compressor from The Titus Company, you get a partner who will make sure you get the most out of your new air compressor. We offer fast installation, preventative maintenance, ongoing monitoring and expert repair when needed. We will make sure your air compressor needs are fully managed so you can focus on your business.

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ZR & ZT Series Technical Specifications

Capacity FAD l/s

19.7 l/s - 2,506 l/s
Capacity FAD l/s

70.92 m³/h - 9,021.6 m³/h
Working pressure

3.5 bar(e) - 13 bar(e)
Installed motor power

15 kW - 900 kW


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