Do you need preventative maintenance for an air compressor system? The answer is yes. An air compressor is a machine, and all machines require regular maintenance if they are going to work their best. Proper air compressor preventive maintenance can help reduce air compressor downtime, identify potential problems before a big repair becomes necessary and extend the life of your air compressor.

If your air compressor wears out or breaks down, the consequences could be very costly. You could have to shut down a whole segment of your business for part or all of the day, and downtime is deadly for a business. So how should you carry out air compressor maintenance?

Air Compressor Maintenance Tips

Some of the regular maintenance tasks you can perform on your air compressor include:

  • Visual Inspection – Your first step to making sure your air compressor is in optimal shape is a full and thorough visual inspection. You should be doing a full visual inspection at least once a week. Keep an eye out for oil leaks, dirty filters or other obvious problems that could interfere with the operation of your air compressor.
  • Audio Inspection – While doing your visual inspection, be sure to listen to your compressor as well. If something sounds off, it’s probably a problem you should address.
  • Check the Oil – If you are using a lubricated air compressor, you need to make sure it has a steady supply of clean oil keeping parts running smoothly. Check your oil levels on a weekly basis and make sure they are within the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Wash the Cooler – If your cooler is dirty, it can’t cool your air effectively, which could lead to big problems. Wash the cooler right before summer starts, when controlling heat to your air compressor is the most important.
  • Professional Maintenance – You should have a professional air compressor technician come in at least once or twice a year to do a full inspection and maintenance check. An air compressor professional can spot problems you might miss before they get out of hand and cause you downtime or big repair bills.

Call The Titus Company for Preventative Maintenance for Your Air Compressor System

At The Titus Company, we have been maintaining and fixing air compressor systems for decades, and our maintenance programs go above and beyond basic inspection and repair services. We also offer 24/7 emergency compressor service because we know air compressors don’t follow anyone’s schedule but their own.

We’re ready to help you make sure your air compressor and your entire compressed air system are working as well as possible for as long as possible. To schedule regular air compressor maintenance or if you are interested in information about any of our other air compression-related products or services, please contact us today.